Current Opening – Engineering Team Lead


Dayspring is excited to add a new member to our team in San Francisco!

What’s the role?

Your background may be in an engineering discipline or you may have honed your skills as a product or project manager delivering websites, mobile apps, or software products. Either way, you know how to lead a team of 4-6 software engineers—plus UX and creative folks—to deliver quality software that delights those who use it—and those who commissioned it. This is a full-time, senior-level position in our San Francisco office with the option to be 40% remote.

The Team Lead role is first and foremost a role of servant leadership. It’s a role in which you look out for the good of the people on your team and of the clients that your team serves. You create the conditions for enduring client relationships that are good for our clients and profitable for Dayspring.

As a client-facing consultant, you’ll ensure that we’re hitting the right solution with the software we’re creating. You come up to speed quickly in new business domains, aren’t afraid to dive deep, and ask penetratingly great questions. You’ll consult with clients to gather requirements, set agendas and facilitate meetings, make presentations, and manage expectations.

As a project manager, you’ll keep the flow of information moving so that projects can achieve organizational goals within budget and on time. This means making sure everyone on your team knows what they need to know and how to prioritize—while working 40-hour weeks and being able to unplug for time off. You’ll exercise your foresight, identifying downstream issues and managing risks effectively. You’ll plan and organize people, time, information, and resources so the team can work effectively in predictable release rhythms. And you’re committed to quality—you’ll help rigorously test software releases to ensure a great user experience.

When you play these aspects of your role well, clients are delighted in the quality of our craft and our relationship with them is characterized by a stunning degree of trust.

As a team lead, you’ll share in profit-loss responsibility with the rest of Dayspring’s team leads. You’ll also set the tone for a non-competitive, collaborative environment of partnership and interdependence—both within and among teams—ensuring that your team is celebrating accomplishments, nurturing growth and flourishing, and connecting to the larger Dayspring body. Depending on your background, you may provide some technical software engineering mentoring—or you may rely on the senior software engineers on the team to provide that mentoring.

This position reports to Dayspring’s President and is a peer of those who lead the other five teams within Dayspring. The team you lead will have people ranging from two years of experience to a decade plus covering frontend, backend, and DevOps skillsets. Our consulting team as a whole averages 14 years of experience.

What’s needed for the role?

Minimum requirements

  • Baseline
    • Ethic of service. You see a job as a way to serve people.
    • Ready to learn. You’re curious and teachable.
    • Bias for action. You ask what the next steps are and you take ownership of them.
    • Excellent collaboration skills. Our environment is very team-oriented. You are too.
  • As a client-facing consultant…
    • Excellent client service skills. You’re empathetic, accurate, compassionate, responsive, resourceful, and conscientious.
    • Excellent written and verbal communication and presentation skills. You’re able to articulate issues, proposals, and decisions in a clear and concise manner.
    • Creative and critical thinker. You get to the heart of the issue. And given a blank slate, you create solutions—or processes that lead to solutions—and provide structure to move things forward.
  • As a project manager…
    • Effective delegation. You know that you’re not the best person for every job and you know how to identify people’s strengths and weaknesses and call forth people’s best work.
    • You keep the budget-scope-timeline triangle in balance.
    • Adaptable. You make great plans with available information, but you’re also able to understand how to factor new information—about requirements, resources, skills—into those plans. You can flex with priorities that change and keep everybody in the loop at the same time.
    • You’re familiar with agile software methodologies including Scrum.
  • At least 7 years of experience in the technology services or software field, including 2+ years’ experience managing teams of 3+ to successfully deliver projects sized at over 1,500 hours.

Preferred qualifications

  • Experience in a software consulting environment, where software is developed to client specifications and budgets.
  • Experience successfully delivering projects sized at over 3,000 hours.
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, business, or an engineering field.

Bonus points!

  • Experience with one or more of the following domains: life sciences, healthcare systems, nonprofit or philanthropy, and/or e-commerce.
  • Experience with business development in a consulting environment, including contract negotiation.
  • Experience with UX design and/or formal software testing.

What makes Dayspring unique?

  • We desire to live out an ethic of love—for our co-workers, for our clients and vendors, and for our community—in the practice of business. In the workplace, we want to do the joyful work of welcoming people with a variety of backgrounds and allowing ourselves to be changed as a result.
  • We sincerely desire to do right by the clients we serve. We keep our promises, we speak with respect, and we apologize when we ought to. And we expect to hold one another accountable and to be held accountable to this.
  • We watch out for one another, and we’ll look out for you too. People aren’t constantly positioning themselves. No office politics here. When you or your loved ones are sick, we treat you like a person first and a worker second.
  • We share an office in San Francisco because we believe being together in person matters, and that practicing common life shapes us for the good. And we’re called and committed to our broader community in our Bayview neighborhood, including through our partnerships with Redeemer Community Church and Rise University Preparatory.

Founded in 1997 by a few Christian church members, Dayspring Partners is a digital consultancy providing people-focused brand and communications design, custom web and mobile development, and Salesforce consulting. In addition, our Goodbudget home budget app for iPhone, Android, and Web has served hundreds of thousands of households since 2009.

Over our two decade history, we’ve delighted our clients with our signature attention to detail, focus on delivering the right solution, and unsurpassed quality. And we’ve enjoyed working with each other immensely to boot.

Learn more about Dayspring’s vision.

What’s next?

Tell us what you think of our vision and how you see yourself fitting in. Email us in confidence at and we’ll talk.

Dayspring Anti-Discrimination Policy
Dayspring Technologies, Inc. SPC is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome and consider all applicants for all positions without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, physical or mental disability, medical condition, marital status, age, sex, sexual orientation, or any other status prohibited by law.

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