Nonprofit Portal Success With Dayspring Partners

Nonprofits are increasingly embracing the digital world to facilitate engagement with their constituents. They need portals that:

  • Deliver personalized content to their donors.
  • Let volunteers find available opportunities and log their hours.
  • Allow board members to track their fundraising efforts, review agendas, and approve minutes.
  • Provide applicants with the resources they need to complete their application processes.
  • Give program participants access to services, resources, events, and other details of their care.
  • Meet some other particular nonprofit need. The possibilities are endless.


Salesforce’s Experience Cloud provides a unified, secure location for portals that integrate to and interact with Salesforce data. has also recently reduced its licensing cost for their most full featured communities, helping make them more affordable for nonprofits. 

This summer has been a summer of portals for our Salesforce team. We’ve built three Experience Cloud portals for our clients. We replaced one client’s existing custom portal that was difficult to update and maintain with a new Experience Cloud portal. The new portal provides applicants with a centralized hub for applying for their fellowship, making it easier for them to view requirements and complete the application process. This centralization made the process much more self-serve, decreasing staff time, and unifying all the data in Salesforce will help improve their efficiency. Additionally, since the new portal was built in click-to-configure Experience Builder without custom code, it will be easy for them to maintain and update in the future if needed. 

For another client who matches mentors with scholars, we built two communities. This organization is significantly expanding their programs and needs to recruit, train, and support more mentors and serve more scholars, something they couldn’t do with their existing manual, staff-intensive process. Their new mentor portal guides potential mentors through the mentor application process and then, once they’re accepted, allows them to easily view the scholars assigned to them, update progress in their mentoring relationships, and re-up for further mentorship opportunities.  

The second community is their scholar portal. This portal allows students in the scholar program to login and update their info, see information on their mentor and advisor, view their required task list, and track their progress towards completion. For mentors and scholars, having one place to go to complete all their requirements and access important information is a huge win. For our client, the portals make managing this complex program much easier, decreasing the number of emails and keeping all the data easily accessible in Salesforce.

Is your nonprofit or foundation ready for a Salesforce portal? Do you have constituents, partners, customers, or funders you want to tailor an experience for? Dayspring’s expert staff are ready to help guide you towards success. Contact Dayspring today to get started. 

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