With a few years under their belt, MIINT wanted to bring their presence to the web. Combine their high-impact program with Dayspring’s high-impact team, and what do you get? A brand ready to share with the world.


The MBA Impact Investing Network & Training (MIINT), an experiential lab designed to give students at business and graduate schools a hands-on education in impact investing.


As the MIINT team met with potential partners and students to get involved, they began feeling a gap of not having a web presence explaining the details of their high-impact program.

“Professional, diligent, collaborative. Great communicators.”
Brian Walsh
Program Director, MIINT


MIINT is training the next generation of impact investors with their program created by Bridges Impact+ in partnership with the Wharton Social Impact Initiative. With participants from famous universities like Harvard Business School and Stanford Graduate School of Business, their goal is to give MBA students a hands-on experience with impact investing.

To help MIINT communicate their identity on the web, our expert design team conducted a branding exercise with MIINT’s leadership to bring out their logo, colors, and brand direction for the website.

Even more, we worked hand-in-hand to determine a site architecture, including what pages to create, how those pages would fit together, page structure, and content layout. All from the foundation of putting ourselves in the reader’s shoes and flexing our empathy muscles to create what would serve them best.

Working on a tight deadline, our team finished the project in a little over a month. Taking MIINT from no web presence to a full web presence.

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