San Mateo Community College District

Career Guidance and Promotion Web Design – Dayspring was brought in to design a modern career guidance site that could speak effectively to today’s generation.


The HCP staff sought to remedy common shortcomings and develop an effective career guidance website for the allied health programs at the school. In seeking to improve on existing career guidance websites, the Dayspring solution had to address specific goals:

  • Focus on effective communication for a today’s media-driven generation, while simultaneously speaking to a target audience of age, ethnic and socioeconomic diversity
  • Present program relationships and requirements in a clear and comparable way
  • Promote action and provide guidance on taking the next steps


  • The Dayspring creative team conceived a unique visual pathways presentation of these career ladders, allowing visitors to explore careers and quickly grasp steps involved to achieve their professional goals.

    After Web production, the completed Web standards-compliant HTML/CSS files were delivered to the client for integration by an in-house team with support from Dayspring.

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