Contact Center Compliance

With the advent of a national Do-Not-Call registry, client Contact Center Compliance wanted to get its internet-based list-scrubbing service online as quickly as possible.


Contact Center Compliance Corporation, a Santa Rosa-based company that provides telemarketers with federal and state do-not-call list compliance services.


In 2003, Congress overwhelmingly approved the National Do-Not-Call Registry. This legislation dramatically changed the requirements placed on telemarketers-and the fines for missteps. With 98 million phone numbers registered nationwide, telemarketing companies needed assistance cleaning their call lists and establishing a long term, systematic means for insuring compliance.

Part of a larger telemarketing corporation, Contact Center Compliance represented several generations of experience in the telemarketing industry. Recognizing the growing compliance problem as a business opportunity, CCC looked to convert their telemarketing experience into an effective and useful business solution.

With the owners’ extensive industry experience, CCC envisioned providing a new and innovative list-scrubbing service that would help telemarketers easily comply with a complex set of new regulations.

Seeking to be the first compliance service in this emerging field, CCC needed a public face, including a letterhead design, logo and Web interface. Each aspect of the design and production needed to communicate CCC’s professional, experienced reputation to their customer base of state and national telemarketing corporations.


Having worked with Dayspring on previous Web design projects, CCC selected Dayspring to deliver a new corporate identity and web design in a short timeframe. Dayspring’s designers quickly created a bold corporate look, which Dayspring’s Web production team translated into a striking Web site design. Displaying a clean, confident color palette and scalable navigation, CCC’s Web site is prepared to grow with their business.

In addition to the vibrant visual design, Dayspring provided CCC with JavaScript and DHTML services, developing an intuitive service configurator for potential clients. Users can compare CCC’s multiple plans and service options, adjusting for factors like company size, industry classification and size of customer base, and get immediate feedback on pricing.

Dayspring also provided interface design services for DNCscrub, the Web-based tool at the heart of CCC’s business. Although Dayspring is a full service provider, for this project, Dayspring demonstrated its flexibility, working closely with the third-party Web developer responsible for the site’s backend programming.

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