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Scheduling, Compliance Tracking and Reporting: these are the critical business tasks upon which Lindquist LLP is building its Compliance practice. As one of the leading CPA firms in the region, Lindquist serves clients throughout the country from three West Coast locations.


Responsible for deploying auditors to employers to track, validate and review participation, Lindquist hoped to better manage the complex timing requirements.

With a multitude of internal checks and workflow involving numerous parties, the process was saddled with scheduling and workflow inefficiencies.


Dayspring quickly got a handle on the workflow and developed a system to track audit jobs through their extensive lifecycle. Using a dynamic Web 2.0-style interface, Dayspring produced an advanced tool to manage the complex task of auditor scheduling that helped to optimize travel schedules, reducing travel time and costs.

Rounding out the application, Dayspring developed custom reporting tailored to the needs of each audience type and migrated all historical data from the legacy database.

Dayspring continues to host and develop critical enterprise business tools for Lindquist.

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