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Worthy and James turned to Dayspring for a fully-randomizing, dynamic question-generating Web-based testing tool that is state-of-the-art.


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Computer Based Training (CBT) is carving out space in the corporate landscape, reforming traditional approaches to training. But regardless of where it takes place, at a computer screen or in a training session, learning is a process that usually involves taking a test. Despite a multitude of out-of-the-box CBT applications available to corporate trainers, testing in the field of accounting poses a challenge unique enough to make CBT software almost irrelevant. After a search of CBT options, the project sponsor found nothing “off the shelf” that delivered an acceptable accounting assessment.

While some large content providers are beginning to randomize test questions, the testing element in most CBT software has historically been confined to a few features narrowly understood as randomization.

These tests might also include multiple choice or fill-in questions, but an accounting trainer would never see anything resembling an accounting worksheet on a CBT test.

Most training firms would resign themselves to the limits of a CBT tool, but the project sponsor did not.

The project sponsor envisioned online assessments that offer a high degree of administrator control and question customization that responds to client needs. He imagined an online accounting test in which his firm wrote the questions (adding new questions at will), and where the tests include standard CBT elements as well as specialized worksheet and journal entry types of questions. Moreover, he wanted a technology solution that randomized questions and question values resulting in a different formulation of the question and thus a different answer each time the test was taken. Finally, the project sponsor wanted accountants-in-training to be able to create their own practice tests, selecting from groups of questions in topics where they need extra help.


Dayspring’s developers got to work around the goal of test question randomization. Their work paid off. A manageable set of individual “model” questions can generate millions of unique variations along randomization axes not available in conventional CBT solutions. Dayspring developed the system in a way that allows the administrator to easily add new test questions. Question types include standard CBT style multiple choice, fill-ins, and matching, but more importantly, accounting worksheets, journals and other tools necessary for specialized accounting assessment. Accountants-in-training can also select from topic groups, crafting a practice test that uniquely addresses their own training goals. The testing module was paired with a gradebook and class management tools to provide a comprehensive solution for corporate training departments.

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