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Dayspring collaborated with partner Fluid, Inc to architect and implement Fluid’s award-winning redesign of a high-performing e-commerce website.


The Fluid digital agency design team combines eye-popping design with exceptional online shopping insights.


With design documents in hand and an ambitious client plan to roll out localized versions in a half dozen countries around the world, Fluid needed a technical partner to architect a scalable solution and bring the design to life.

“Amazing site, awesome videos and how to's. Love you can view all the products at once! So easy to navigate."
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Dayspring defined the website architecture, managed the integration of third-party services for e-commerce, ratings/reviews and website analytics and built the user interface to Fluid’s user interaction and visual design specifications.

In addition to language internationalization, each localization has independent marketing teams with unique, culturally-specific needs.

The solution architecture allows for a common core code with regional ability to override elements as required.

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