Mayway Corp

How do you take a successful catalog order business and bring it online, positioned for growth? We helped this Oakland distributor do exactly that.


Mayway Corporation, an Oakland-based company that markets and distributes Chinese herbs and herbal medicine in the US and UK.


Mayway products represent a complex array of traditional herbal medicines. Mayway sought to serve its customers by providing detailed and extensive online services. Since many customers would be frequent users, Web site requirements included allowing customers to save and edit custom prescription information, including the type and amount of herbs required for specific patients. Because of the services necessary for developing custom prescriptions, and for selling and distributing herbal products, packaged catalog software was not going to work.

Mayway’s management team envisioned a dynamic Web site to meet the demanding standards of their existing customer base. Clients, from licensed practitioners to retail stores, should be able to browse Mayway’s extensive catalog, maintain lists of favorites for easy ordering, create custom prescription orders for their patients, search products and articles, and place orders online with a wide variety of options for payment and shipping. In addition, Mayway’s staff needed an efficient administrative interface to maintain a sophisticated system of discounts and sales, manage accounts, track orders, and monitor sales statistics.

“Dayspring has done an excellent job implementing our ideas into our online site. We are extremely pleased with both the design and the back-end programming. All the Dayspring staff members we have worked with are very professional, considerate, creative and responsive... Dayspring is a company we will recommend for its high quality work, but also for its integrity and fairness.”
Laura Stropes
Project Manager, Mayway Corporation


Dayspring partnered with Mayway to design and implement an e-commerce solution satisfying this vision. Mayway’s clients can browse their extensive catalog, order specially formulated prescriptions, review past orders and ship directly to patients. Integration with Mayway’s in-house accounting system reduces the need for duplicate data entry and streamlines the entire e-commerce process. Within weeks of launching, the website’s e-commerce accounted for a significant portion of Mayway’s corporate sales volume. Mayway continues to work with Dayspring to define and implement new features as customer needs emerge.

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