Serena & Lily


We partnered with Fluid to serve Serena & Lily, an upscale homewares company focusing on bedding, decor, gifts and inspiration for every living space.


Shopping online is worlds different from shopping in-person. Especially when it comes to bedding. There are sheets, shams, duvets, blankets, quilts, pillows and more. Seeing how the different pieces fit together to create an ensemble is essential. How do you re-create this experience online?

Craft an online design tool that makes sure each customer ends up with the perfect bedding combination.

“Fluid is extremely grateful for your team’s hard work and dedication. We could not have pulled this off without the committed focus from your team. Dayspring has proven (again) to be a truly trusted partner and the fact that you helped us out and you came through when it mattered most is a reflection of that dedication."
Eric Tam
Former SVP, Development + Delivery, Fluid


After a number of successful Dayspring/Fluid collaborations, Fluid engaged Dayspring to serve this key client. We implemented Fluid’s Configure Platform to solve the shopping problem of “I’m designing my whole bedroom and I want my bedding to match.”

Our team set up the nuts and bolts of the bedding combo configurator by defining all the potential options for sheets, shams, blankets, quilts, pillows, and duvets. This makes it easy to pair that Indigo Herringbone Blanket with that Chocolate Border Frame Duvet you’ve always wanted. And know how it’s going to turn out.

Serena & Lily provided a dozen predefined, curated combinations like Cozy Classics and Neutral + Berry. We pre-made these combos and made them accessible via one click from the Make Your Bed page.

To complete the project, we supported the Serena & Lily IT department to integrate the product configurator into their existing website and integrate seamlessly with their order processing system.

Serena & Lily’s bedding combo configurator is like picking stuff off a shelf to create the perfect ensemble on your own or trusting your stylish friend to tell you what’s best. It’s time to go make our bed.

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