Javis Davis

In an industry focused on craftsmanship and design—and not usually on technology—Javis Davis was keen on advancing the state-of-the-art and allowing customers to easily see exactly what their crib sets would look like before they placed their order. Enter Dayspring.


Javis Davis, a provider of quality, custom children’s bedding.


With scores of fabric collections and myriad individual fabrics, Javis Davis needed an intuitive, attractive and functional interface that would allow customers to effortlessly mix-and-match crib sheets, bumpers, trim and more.

The existing consultation process involved clients getting on the phone and speaking with a design consultant, who then picked and matched fabrics for the client’s needs. Javis Davis wanted to put the configuration directly into its clients’ hands

“Having been involved in several mid-range computer system conversions, I'm personally aware of the way unforeseeable problems can derail the best-laid plans. Dayspring, however, created a dynamically driven Design Studio, moved our website to a new server, installed database and programming software, and switched us over to the new system with virtually zero disruption of our web-based commerce."
Jim Cothran
Project Manager, Javis Davis


Dayspring created the product configurator, developing the code to allow customers to select swatches, apply them to different portions of the crib bedding, and price their final creation. The final solution integrates with Adobe’s Scene7 technology for real-time rendering and with PayPal for shopping cart services.

25% of its shoppers now use the configurator to place an order, meaning 25% fewer phone calls.

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