MidPen Housing

Take a property database in an existing Salesforce instance. Expose the ability to search, filter and map locations on your public website. Make it all feel seamless with your marketing Web presence. No problem.


MidPen Housing, a non-profit that builds and develops affordable housing that people are proud to live in.


MidPen approached Dayspring to help with the construction of rebuilding their home on the web.

Their vision was to make properties easy-to-find for prospective residents, show investors the breadth of properties built, and eliminate the bottlenecks from a hard-to-update old site.


When MidPen engaged Dayspring, they were working with a graphic designer on their branding and web design.

To contribute our expertise to the effort, we brought up development questions with regard to building the website, then implemented and themed the design on WordPress. In addition, we trained the MidPen staff to update content on their own without the help of their IT department, saving them time and money in the process.

On the more technical side, we worked some coding magic to make MidPen’s housing property data in the Salesforce system easily searchable on their website. Prospective residents interested in the high-quality, safe, attractive housing of MidPen can view up-to-date information about all the communities or conduct specific property searches based on location, housing type, and leasing status.

The property section of the site was 100% stored and built on Salesforce Sites but looks exactly like the rest of the site built in WordPress. We used Apex and Visualforce to accomplish this seamless user experience.

On the more human side, a mother has the opportunity to raise her daughters in a safe neighborhood, a man is given an opportunity that renews both mind and spirit after a tragic accident, and a senior finally finds a place to call home. MidPen’s web home is helping people find real homes. We’re grateful to have been a part of the building process.

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