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Dayspring developed the ImagineNations Network community website to allow young entrepreneurs to get help from supporters around the world in growing their businesses, a mission now embraced by the U.S. Department of State with the e-Mentor Corps initiative.

Following on the successful development and launch of the MicroMentor platform for microenterprise support, Dayspring joined with ImagineNations Network to release a social networking platform for young entrepreneurs to connect to their peers, and others committed to helping young people build businesses and livelihoods around the world.

ImagineNations Network helps educate, mentor and empower young entrepreneurs by connecting them to local and global organizations and with each other to provide support, develop business plans and learn from other young people pursuing similar goals.

President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton Promote Global Mentorship

Imagine-Network.org is one of only three platforms designated by the Department of State as partners to serve as options for mentor and mentee connection. Read the e-Mentor Corps Fact Sheet on America.gov.

The e-Mentor was first announced by Secretary Clinton during her closing remarks at the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship. Dayspring is proud to be associated with these efforts.

Developed by ImagineNations Group in partnership with Mercy Corps, with support from the Global Partnership for Youth Investment (GPYI) of the World Bank and Cisco Foundation, ImagineNations Network is an innovative solution for organizations and individuals building an online community of resources and support networks focused on youth enterprise development.


Dayspring has played the role of technology consultant and implementation team in a number of evaluation initiatives:

  • Database-connected application prototypes with experimental user interfaces
  • Custom Web-based teacher surveys
  • Collaborative scoring and data analysis systems
  • Educational technology applications

Dayspring has been the web technology partner since 2008.

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