The North Face

Start with a classic athlete-tested jacket. Add the robust Fluid Configure™ platform. Mix in Dayspring’s technical wizardry, a healthy amount of sweat, and a bit of website configuration magic. The result? The Custom Denali.


We partnered with Fluid to serve The North Face, one of the world’s leading outdoor apparel companies.


Customization is all the rage right now. Driven by the desire to be creative and express themselves, people are opting to customize their glasses, shoes, shirts, jackets, and more, without hesitating to pay a premium.


Based on a solid track record of successful Dayspring/Fluid partnerships, Fluid once again turned to Dayspring to serve this key client. We implemented Fluid’s Configure Platform, empowering people to:

  • Customize their own Denali jacket to make something uniquely their own
  • Share their creations with friends via social media
  • Showcase what they made on The North Face website

With thousands of possible combinations to map out and the challenge of making the system work across all major browser platforms, three of our team members combined their brains and technology acumen to execute the product configurator implementation — John, Bruce, and Jon. We set up products in the administrative backend, fine-tuned the HTML to demonstrate the product functionality on each page, and styled it to The North Face’s brand specifications. We also supported the Fluid agency developers to integrate the product configurator into The North Face’s existing code environment and integrate seamlessly with their order processing system. All with the precision we strive for at Dayspring.

Since launch, thousands of Denali jackets have been customized and the me-commerce revolution continues. We thought we’d join in the fun as well, and customize our own jacket, Dayspring style.

Partnership. That’s our style.

Our work with Fluid has included custom e-commerce development for some of the leading online retailers, ranging from simple proofs-of-concept to full-sized engagements partnering closely with the Fluid platform team.

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