Digital Media Academy

When it comes to Web usability, even nationally-recognized digital media organizations benefit from an outside perspective and hard data generated from user testing.


Digital Media Academy is widely regarded as the premier professional computer training organization for adults and summer camp destination for kids and teens. Creative professionals and serious amateurs turn to DMA for top-quality professional instruction with state-of-the-art tools and technology.


The Web site, however, was struggling to convey the message, with users failing to find key information and complete important tasks.

“As always, everyone at Dayspring was professional, warm and extremely competent from start to finish."
Phil Gibson
Owner, Digital Media Academy


Dayspring wrote usability testing scripts, engaged test users from key demographics and executed usability testing in our own lab, recording sessions and presenting results with recommendations.

Social Media Marketing Design

Offering digital media courses for both teens and adults, DMA naturally engages its audience in a variety of social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace and others all have their place in the digital community, and Dayspring provided custom profile page designs to represent the organization.

WordPress Implementation and SEO

Rounding out our full range of services for DMA, Dayspring reorganized content and provided search engine optimization to target key phrases to improve search performance and increase organizational visibility, assisting with the latest Web site release implemented on the open-source WordPress platform.

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Ext. 102 Brand Design, Web Design, Software Development

Ext. 103 Salesforce for Nonprofits