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The Pediatric Neuropathology Consortium (PNC) at a major local research university sought a firm to re-develop its website tool for tracking specimens. Intended to track specimens from previous and ongoing research projects, the Web application would allow a wide community of researchers to view gross and section images and staining results, and to request samples.

To realize this vision, PNC called on Dayspring, a firm with the capability for the initial implementation as well as the ability to support PNC’s Web development needs in the future.

“I give Dayspring my highest recommendation as a web site developer. Dayspring performed an initial site review, met with us throughout the process and gave us excellent recommendations and direction while still allowing us to make decisions along the way. They met deliverables in a timely fashion, were very organized and professional throughout the process, and gave us the necessary prodding to keep the redesign on track. We will certainly continue to work with them for our annual updates.”
Enrique Terrazas, M.D., M.S.
Associate Clinical Professor, Laboratory Medicine


The result: the creation of a high-quality tissue tracking system for human brain tissues from a wide range of ages. The university’s Pediatric Neuropathology Consortium (PNC) is helping transform research and patient care in Pediatric Neurology in California.

The Consortium combines the strengths of major medical centers, including those in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Davis, and conducts research in the area of pediatric neuro-developmental disorders.

The Consortium is supported by the university’s Multicampus Research Programs and Initiatives and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI).

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