University Liver Center

From hepatocytes to hepato-sites.


A consortium of nearly 70 researchers at a major medical research university needed to redesign its website to better present itself to funders and others.

The existing Liver Center site had a dated design and the project sponsor was concerned that information was not as accessible as it could be. Enter Dayspring.

Building off of previous design work that Dayspring had done for another department within the university, Dayspring worked with Center staff to create a visual design that would capture the unique flavor of the Liver Center while also adhering to the University’s design standards and style guide. Dayspring produced all of the initial pages and trained Center staff to maintain the site going forward using a simple, browse-and-edit content management tool.

The result is a site that properly reflects the quality of Center faculty and research to funders and the broader medical community.

Dayspring has been a Web design and development partner to the university since 2006.

“We selected Dayspring based on superlative recommendations from other clients and are happy to say they lived up to their reputation. Their design team worked with authority on our project while at the same time being respectful of and responsive to our preferences. As a client without any background in web design or hosting, we were particularly appreciative that the Dayspring team was so instructive throughout the redesign project. Their professionalism truly stands out."
Jacquelyn Maher, MD

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