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For over 33 years, Richard Heath and Associates, Inc. (RHA) has been helping client organizations and communities move forward together with a common vision for energy efficiency.


RHA needed a Web development firm that could bring its creativity, engineering expertise and discipline to RHA’s Web redesign.

But, more than this, RHA needed a long-term partner capable of executing its Web strategy going forward, a firm that would bring unique insights and technical expertise to help RHA position its Web presence in the context of a unified plan for operational efficiency and data leverage.

RHA makes sustainable solutions work by working with utilities, government agencies, trade groups and global marketing firms who need to establish a local presence. Decades of work promoting clean energy and environmental justice have firmly established RHA in today’s sustainability movement.

“Dayspring, thanks for flawlessly executing RHA's website redesign. Your team especially excels at understanding requirements and designing the perfect information architecture in response. You kept us on schedule. You held our hands when we needed it. You helped us stay focused and on top of our game in every way. Whether it's process or design, whatever you touch, you make better!"
Sharon Talbott
Marketing Consultant, Richard Heath and Associates, Inc.


RHA’s programs make their clients look good. Dayspring made that message clear by organizing and presenting the RHA brand and success via a dynamic Web presence through our unique combination of strategic insight, creative genius, and engineering expertise as RHA’s partner for this endeavor. Dayspring provided the attention and team cohesiveness required to go the distance to a successful launch, and delivered it all in the context of a long-term partnership.

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