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Fundraising is not the purpose of your nonprofit organization, but it is its lifeblood. With lackluster fundraising, your programs wither, and your mission suffers. Today, donors expect more from the organizations they support. They don’t want to just write a check; they want to be engaged with you and your mission, and this requires a higher level of donor cultivation and engagement on your part. To be successful requires a different approach to fundraising, knowing where to focus your time and energy, and better data to inform your efforts.

To succeed in this increasingly fast paced environment, you will confront obstacles such as rapid staff turnover, too much manual data entry, and disorganized systems that spread critical data across multiple spreadsheets and lists. More than ever, you need a unified system that makes your data accessible and actionable for your fundraisers.

Salesforce with the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) helps you get the data you need, when you need it. It allows you to quickly see details like a donor’s giving history, their largest gift, best gift year, how much they have given this year versus last year, what they give through donor advised funds, which of your events they have participated in, and what aspects of your mission they are particularly interested in. These insights allow you to personalize your response and interaction with that donor. Perhaps there is a particular journey you want to take a new donor through, or perhaps you want a particular giving history to flag a donor for a meeting with your executive director. Salesforce with the NPSP allows you to do these things and so many more.

Salesforce with the NPSP also provides you the ability to manage your grant funding. In Salesforce, you can track the grants you are applying for through every stage in the application process, as well as track the relevant action items for each stage. This functionality makes it easier to meet desired deadlines, and allows your team to work more efficiently. Salesforce also provides the ability to forecast the amount of grant revenue you will receive, track previous grants received, and track your grant deliverables and reporting deadlines. Now you know exactly what reports and communications you need to create in the next week, month, and quarter, as well as who is responsible for each task.

And that’s not all. With Salesforce you can integrate your payment processor; automate the generation of tax receipts and year end donation summaries; track recurring donations, pledges and pledge payments, matching gifts, soft credits, and fund designations; and measure the effectiveness of fundraising campaigns. All this is done with excellent reports and dashboards, making it easy to see at a glance how you are doing on your fundraising goals. Whatever insight you’re looking for, the data you need is right there, ready for your next board report.

Are you ready to move your fundraising forward? Let Dayspring help you take the next step towards Salesforce fundraising success.

“We hired Dayspring to assess our poorly configured Salesforce instance and to guide us in removing problematic customization to implement NPSP according to best practice. The recommendations they provided were clear, concise, and actionable. They were able to guide our immediate next steps, but do it with an eye to future functionality. Their team is professional, helpful, and timely. I am grateful to have Dayspring as a partner as we work to improve and expand our fundraising capability and capacity.”
Jan Stump
Chief Advancement Officer, TEAM
Salesforce for program management

Empower your programs and measure your outcomes with the help of Dayspring and Salesforce. Salesforce with the NPSP is not just for fundraising.

Salesforce for constituent engagement

Take your constituent engagement to the next level with a Dayspring Salesforce implementation. Salesforce with the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) is an ideal platform for nonprofits to engage their constituents and manage their members and volunteers.

Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack overview

Envision your success with the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack and Dayspring’s certified Nonprofit Cloud consultants. Salesforce with the Nonprofit Success Pack, commonly referred to as the NPSP, is the leading CRM solution for nonprofits, helping a nonprofit to power their mission and increase their impact.

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