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Take your constituent engagement to the next level with a Dayspring Salesforce implementation.

Salesforce with the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) is an ideal platform for nonprofits to engage their constituents and manage their members and volunteers.

Your nonprofit needs a well configured CRM to be your single source of truth when it comes to communications with your constituents. Sending one email to all of your constituents may have worked in the past, but now constituents expect content customized to them. Knowing what particular aspects of your mission a constituent is motivated by or interested in is key — a major donor or key influencer must be approached in a very different way from a contact you made by attending a conference or trade show. With the addition of an integrated email marketing solution, Salesforce allows you to appropriately segment your constituents, making it possible to reach each person with your message in a manner that not only speaks to them personally, but shows up in their mailbox at exactly the right time.

If your organization holds events, you may need a Salesforce integrated event management package. Then, when someone registers for your event online, a record of their registration and payment are automatically added to Salesforce. This allows you to track registrations and event communications in Salesforce with minimal manual data entry. Then, after the event, you are able to report on the event and across events, seeing a constituent’s engagement across events, donations, and other points of contact.

If you are a membership organization, Salesforce allows you to track memberships, membership levels, renewals, membership fees and benefits, and can allow you to automate key aspects of memberships and membership renewals. This saves valuable time, allows your staff to spend their time in more valuable pursuits, and can increase renewal rates.

Salesforce with the NPSP includes Volunteers For Salesforce, which, with the addition of a form solution, allows organizations to track and manage their entire volunteer program from Salesforce. Management tasks like handling volunteer application forms, evaluating applicants, and tracking training and orientation can all be handled through Salesforce, significantly improving your volunteer onboarding process. Once onboarded, Salesforce can track volunteer shifts and hours, allowing you to painlessly fill your open volunteer shifts. There is even a volunteer portal where volunteers can sign up for available shifts and record their own volunteer hours, freeing up more of your staff’s precious time. And with all of this volunteer data you’ve collected, you can make use of reporting and advanced insights to further optimize and improve your deployment of volunteers.

Are you ready to take a step forward in engaging your constituents? Let Dayspring partner with you to configure Salesforce for your organization’s needs. There is a better way forward and we can help you get there.

“Dayspring's Salesforce team was very helpful in taking us step by step through the process of developing our Salesforce database for our school outreach and fundraising. They gave us clear deadlines and expectations of what they needed from us; they worked on their end to set up the database and shape it to conform to our needs and wants; and they provided excellent training for us to use Salesforce on our own. Their attentiveness, support, and care are what distinguishes them from other firms. We are excited to continue this partnership into the future.”
Daniel Kim
Director of Development, Rise University Preparatory
Salesforce for fundraising/grant management

Take the next step towards fundraising success and donor cultivation with Salesforce and Dayspring. Fundraising is not the purpose of your nonprofit organization, but it is its lifeblood.

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Empower your programs and measure your outcomes with the help of Dayspring and Salesforce. Salesforce with the NPSP is not just for fundraising.

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Envision your success with the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack and Dayspring’s certified Nonprofit Cloud consultants. Salesforce with the Nonprofit Success Pack, commonly referred to as the NPSP, is the leading CRM solution for nonprofits, helping a nonprofit to power their mission and increase their impact.

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