Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack overview

Envision your success with the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack and Dayspring's certified Nonprofit Cloud consultants.

Salesforce with the Nonprofit Success Pack, commonly referred to as the NPSP, is the leading CRM solution for nonprofits, helping a nonprofit to power their mission and increase their impact. With Salesforce, nonprofits get a powerful cloud-based CRM with extensive, built-in functionality for fundraisingprogram tracking, and constituent management. This click-to-configure platform allows a nonprofit to customize their processes without the need for a developer. Salesforce with the NPSP can save your organization hundreds of hours per year with streamlined workflows, clean and unified data, and the ability to report on and visualize it all.

The Salesforce NPSP is the foundation of nonprofit Salesforce implementations and provides the ability to track grants and donations, memberships, constituents and their households, as well as programs and services provided. Given the particular needs of your organization, Dayspring takes the time to understand those needs and then configures the particular NPSP features that you will need. Read below for more details on the specific functionality of the NPSP.

Salesforce for Nonprofit Fundraising

The NPSP contains the functionality you need to track donations in all their complexity: standard donations, major gifts, recurring donations, matching donations, corporate donations, donor advised funds, in-kind donations, earmarked donations, pledges, and pledge payments. On a given donor’s contact and household records you can easily find the giving insights you need — lifetime donation amount, best donation year, year to date giving, last gift date, total number of gifts — and you also have the ability to track your interactions with that donor. You can also track multiple mail addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses, along with their relationships to specific constituents and the companies and organizations they are associated with.

Salesforce for Grant Management

The NPSP holds a full suite of grant tracking functionality. The Grant Opportunity record type and sales process allows a nonprofit to move a prospective grant through all the steps from Prospecting, to LOI, to Application Submitted, to Closed Won. Reports and dashboards allow you to track all the grants you are applying for and see overall progress through the application process. Forecasting allows you to see how much grant revenue is projected to come in in the coming quarters. And then, when a new grant is secured, NPSP functionality allows you to track payments, grant reports, and deliverables that are due back to the funder, allowing your staff to be more productive and giving your leadership clear insights into the fundraising and grant reporting progress.

Salesforce for Program Management

The NPSP provides a platform for nonprofits to track their services, programs, and initiatives. This allows more efficient delivery of services and the ability to measure effectiveness and outcomes by providing visibility into the particular services provided and who they were provided to. Constituent contact information and demographics can be connected to services provided, making your next board report or grant report a delight. Grant applications become more successful because you can provide better data and insights into your programs. Managers can more easily track progress towards staff and program goals, and automation can provide needed reminders, identifying when goals or milestones are not being accomplished.

Salesforce for Volunteer Management

The NPSP includes the functionality nonprofits need to track their volunteers. Volunteer coordinators can easily pull lists of volunteers with particular skills or qualifications, which your staff can then use to match volunteers to available volunteer shifts and track volunteer hours. The NPSP even includes a self-service portal where your volunteers can sign up for volunteer shifts and record their own hours.

Salesforce, a platform for integration

While the NPSP provides critical functionality to empower nonprofits, it also allows nonprofits to integrate with other systems to unify their data and make Salesforce their system of record. The Salesforce AppExchange has thousands of apps to extend your Salesforce functionality and integrate with other systems. Many nonprofits may want apps like an integrated payment processor for online donations, an integrated email marketing solution, an event registration system, or a form solution for applications for gathering information from their constituents. Whatever integration your nonprofit needs, Salesforce with the NPSP is ready to be your unified platform for success.

NPSP, constantly getting better

The NPSP began as an open source collaboration by consultants, including Dayspring Partners, and skilled Salesforce administrators from nonprofits. Together we have dreamed, envisioned, and built this functionality to serve nonprofits. Now has dedicated product developers who lead these efforts, still guided by the needs of the nonprofit community. Each year significant new features are added to the NPSP, continuing to make it better and better. Salesforce with the NPSP is already great, but together we continue to improve and extend Salesforce to meet the ever expanding needs of nonprofits.

Dayspring Partners, your Salesforce NPSP experts

At Dayspring Partners, we are Salesforce nonprofit experts. Each of our consultants has had significant experience with nonprofit organizations, the Nonprofit Success Pack, and helping nonprofits be successful with Salesforce. Three of our consultants were among the first to become Salesforce certified Nonprofit Cloud Consultants. With Dayspring you can be sure that we will understand how your nonprofit works, help you implement best practices, and help you be successful with Salesforce. Contact us today and let’s discuss how Dayspring can partner with you.

“There is absolutely no way I could do my job without the support of the team at Dayspring. Our nonprofit tracks all of our impact reporting in Salesforce. This has involved a significant amount of customization that is well above my skill level. The team at Dayspring have worked diligently with us to understand our needs and efficiently design solutions that will meet those reporting needs. I completely recommend the Dayspring team and encourage you to consider them for your Salesforce needs.”
Melanie Finke
Director of Communications and Operations, NESsT
Salesforce for fundraising/grant management

Take the next step towards fundraising success and donor cultivation with Salesforce and Dayspring. Fundraising is not the purpose of your nonprofit organization, but it is its lifeblood.

Salesforce for program management

Empower your programs and measure your outcomes with the help of Dayspring and Salesforce. Salesforce with the NPSP is not just for fundraising.

Salesforce for constituent engagement

Take your constituent engagement to the next level with a Dayspring Salesforce implementation. Salesforce with the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) is an ideal platform for nonprofits to engage their constituents and manage their members and volunteers.

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