Dayspring Technologies and Dayspring Studio are now Dayspring Partners

A new name and brand identity that reflect what has always mattered to Dayspring

October 2020

Even in the best of years we advise caution when an established organization considers changing its name and brand identity. The effort required is massive and invariably underestimated. The website needs to be updated along with all staff email addresses; document templates have to be revised, new envelopes printed, signage replaced; every client and vendor has to be notified, announcements have to be written; and more. The checklist is exceedingly long. Because brand design is one of our four core competencies, we know this firsthand. So why are we introducing our new name, brand identity, and website now in what is turning out to be the most tumultuous year our society has faced in a generation or more?

In truth, we began reflecting last year on how we had outgrown the name Dayspring Technologies. It was entirely suitable over two decades ago when a small band of software consultants formed the company. But just a few years later our first designer joined the company, thereby expanding our ability to serve our clients. In 2005 we also added the Salesforce platform to our suite of consulting services. As we grew, the “Technologies” moniker became ever more misaligned with the reality of our organization, prompting us to even spin off part of our design team as Dayspring Studio a few years ago. The seams of our name have been bursting for a long time.

Still, we discussed the idea of waiting until the pandemic faded, the economy regained its footing, and some measure of stability returned to our communities. But our experience in the early months of the pandemic highlighted just how crucial relationships are in times of crises. If anything, our original intent to have our name reflect the centrality of people and partnerships in the way we do business, rather than a particular dimension of our craft, seemed more timely than ever in 2020. So when is it a good time for an organization to change its name and identity? When the clarity of purpose and alignment of values gained outweigh the cost of that change. 

And the time for our organization is now: Dayspring Technologies and Dayspring Studio are now Dayspring Partners. 

What hasn’t changed is our emphasis on partnership—the humility, integrity, and mutuality that we hope pervade our relationships with one another on staff and with each client, prospective client, and vendor–and with each community neighbor. We hope that our new name, Dayspring Partners, better characterizes who we are, whom we have become, and whom we believe you can expect us to be.

In partnership,

Chi-Ming Chien
Principal, Dayspring Partners
A digital consultancy helping good organizations do better.

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