Dayspring Presents Matchwell

Dayspring recently completed building the Matchwell platform, a custom web application that is built to revolutionize the healthcare staffing industry. The solution matches nurses with facilities, eliminating the inefficient staffing agencies. The system includes a core platform built with Angular, Symfony, and Postgres, synchronized with a Salesforce back-end using Heroku Connect, and a WordPress site for promoting the platform.

Below you will find an excerpt from our case study. You can find the full case study here.

Matchwell needed a technology partner to build their platform, to turn their vision into a reality. This partner would understand their vision, help build a business scale plan, make needed architectural decisions, and assist in choosing the right technologies for each piece of the platform.

This partner would also build the core platform and continue to enhance and develop it as the Matchwell platform grew and developed. Enter Dayspring—the perfect match.

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