Dayspring Partners with NatureBridge

Youth enjoying environment. NatureBridge provides education program, which is supported by Dayspring's Salesforce consultants

Dayspring Partners takes the name “Partners” because we specialize in having long term partnerships with our clients. NatureBridge is an excellent example of one of these partnerships between a client and our nonprofit focused Salesforce team.

NatureBridge is a San Francisco-based nonprofit that takes more than 35,000 children into Yosemite and other national parks each year, providing them with programs, services, housing, and meals-a complex logistical challenge. They track it all in Salesforce, but after 6 years of managing in-house with a super admin, and a developer, it was time for an overhaul. Dayspring was happy to help them take their Salesforce functionality forward into the future.

Our work with them included a Lightning UI upgrade, reworking their custom development, and implementing new features and functionality, becoming their expert Salesforce partner. We have also become their strategic database partner, helping them envision how to streamline more of their processes with Salesforce.

Below you will find an excerpt from our case study. You can find the full case study here.

The Lightning Experience transition also opened up the possibility of further use of Process Builder and Lightning Flow to replace some of the custom Visualforce and Apex Code which had been set up prior to the existence of these declarative tools. Dayspring consultants did a thorough assessment of the remaining Apex classes and Visualforce pages to determine which ones were ideal candidates to transition to point-and-click customizations. Given the faster setup and iterations offered by declarative tools, Dayspring was able to recreate, and even improve upon the existing functionality.

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