A Productive 2018 For Dayspring

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As we start a new year, Dayspring looks back at the numbers from a productive 2018.

  • 5.8 million Salesforce records under management
  • 111 trillion bytes of data transferred
  • $270 million in e-commerce transactions
  • 90 projects completed in 2018
  • 59 clients served
  • 4 new staff added to our team
  • 2 staff have 20+ years with Dayspring
  • 700 staff hours volunteered
  • We look forward to the new numbers 2019 will bring!

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Salesforce for Small Budget Nonprofits

Here at Dayspring, our Salesforce consulting team loves to work with nonprofits, both big and small. From our extensive experience, we have written a helpful guide for small nonprofits as they consider moving to Salesforce.

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