Introducing Andrew Lee, Front-end Developer

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Dayspring welcomes Andrew to our Consulting Services team as a front-end developer.

As a developer, Andrew helps build software that suits each client’s specific needs. He specializes in front-end web development and has a particular love for building out visual components that look great and are faithful to spec. Prior to joining Dayspring, Andrew spent 2 years working at Thumbtack, where he developed the skills necessary as a front-end developer: familiarity with Javascript/HTML/CSS, customer-focused empathy, and patience for the constantly changing nature of front-end technology.

Andrew knows the importance of good UX design, smart component architecture, and writing code that can easily adapted and improved upon based on users’ experiences across a variety of platforms and devices. He has learned that attention to detail and the proper feel of an interaction on a webpage can make or break a customer experience. Visuals and proper styling are not ideas to be brought up as afterthoughts–instead, they are essential to consider from the very beginning, and vital to building trust and delivering value to the users of the application.

Andrew graduated with a Computer Science degree from Stanford University but considers himself a perpetual student in the vast world of software engineering. Because he started from scratch and learned gradually over a long period of time, he encourages others to pursue programming as an exercise in tenacity and developing a growth mindset. In particular, he enjoys tutoring middle school students from Rise University Preparatory, and looks forward to seeing if any of those students will become interested in learning web development in the near future. Andrew has always dreamed of publishing a novel one day and enjoys creative writing, playing soccer, and experimental baking in his free time.

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