Introducing Dayspring’s 2020 Social Purpose Corporation Report

You may not have known, but in addition to providing excellent consulting services, Dayspring, as a social purpose corporation, has a greater purpose, including serving and caring for our neighborhood, the Bayview district of  Francisco. 2020 was a significant year in our neighborhood, and therefore it required a significant response from Dayspring to embody its social purpose. Below you will find some excerpts from our report, or you can read the full report here.


       The Workplace

We want to do meaningful work that does good in the world, and in the process, we want the way in which we interact with others to be characterized by the “good fruit” of our core values–humility, partnership, justice, generosity, integrity, and mercy. As part of our long-standing commitment to justice, in light of issues of injustice brought to the forefront in 2020, and in response to concerns raised by our staff, we began a deliberate workplace conversation about the ways in which we work together.

The Marketplace

For our clients directly affected by COVID-19, we offered our consulting services with deferred payment and in some cases provided free client enablement training sessions. We’re paying invoices from small business vendors immediately on receipt, and we’ve empowered our employees to spend money at small, local, brick-and-mortar retail businesses to get needed funds to our neighbors quickly.

Our Community

As an SPC, Dayspring has the goal of donating 3% of staff time and 10% of profits to other organizations, with the lion’s share going to neighborhood businesses and nonprofits.

However, the extraordinary circumstances of the 2020 pandemic warranted an extraordinary response. Beyond our usual donation from profits, we also committed to giving 5% of our revenue for 5 months. The net result was almost $90k distributed to community organizations.

In addition, over 20 staff together donated over 2800 hours in service to the Common Good, amounting to roughly 6% of 2020 staff hours.

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