Introducing Elevate: Salesforce Payment Processing For Nonprofits

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A key piece of almost every successful nonprofit Salesforce fundraising implementation is an integrated payment processor. With an integrated payment processor, the moment a donor makes a donation through a nonprofit’s website, the necessary information is swiftly recorded in that nonprofit’s Salesforce instance, streamlining record keeping and eliminating the risk of human error from manual data entry.

Until recently, nonprofits only had third-party payment processors to choose from, and many of them were overly complex, had poor integrations, or limited the choices of payment gateways that could be used. But now, there is a game-changing new solution: Elevate, the nonprofit-focused payment processor built natively into Salesforce by  

Now nonprofits can easily activate Elevate in their Salesforce instances and spin up integrated Giving Pages as their donation solution. Elevate is also beautifully integrated with the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack, making everything seamless. Even better, it comes with no added monthly cost to use, just a processing fee for the payments. This is incredibly helpful and more cost-effective for small nonprofits with a small number of monthly donations. Larger organizations with high volumes of transactions also have the option of choosing a fixed fee plan that reduces their transaction fees. 

Additional functionality continues to be built out, but what is available now is impressive. 

• Giving Pages that are branded and easily tailored for different audiences or purposes
• Native mobile user experience
• One-time and recurring gift options
• The ability to manually process a credit card donation directly within Salesforce
• Fund designation based on donor selection or by Giving Page.
• Automated gift acknowledgements
• Donor Cover, an option that allows donors to cover the processing fees
• Multiple payment gateways to choose from
• API Integration

One of our favorite features is dynamic ask values for Giving Pages. Because Elevate is natively integrated with Salesforce, Giving Pages can present donors with suggested donation amounts based on their personal giving history. Major donors may be presented with choices all in multiple thousands of dollars, while small budget donors are presented with double and triple digit options. 

If you would like to learn how Elevate can help your organization raise more money, please contact our Salesforce team at Dayspring Partners. We are happy to see if your organization is a good fit and discuss the details of what it will take to get you up and running with this excellent donation solution.

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