Trichotillomania Learning Center, Inc.

Dayspring Moves Nonprofit Membership and Donor Management to Salesforce CRM


The Trichotillomania Learning Center (TLC) has a very particular focus providing resources for people afflicted with a set of disorders known as body-focused repetitive behaviors (BFRB). TLC came to Dayspring to create a redesign that provided an inviting, safe presence for its community and that better organized the wealth of information available on the site.

As part of the redesign, Dayspring reorganized the information architecture of the site and created a new visual look-and-feel. After migrating over a hundred pages from the previous site design, Dayspring integrated the look-and-feel into TLC’s Yahoo! Store and implemented Google’s Custom Search tool to provide site search. The site was launched just in time for a planned feature of TLC on NBC’s Nightly News.

Migration from Filemaker to Salesforce CRM

Having proven our skills in the creative arena, TLC asked Dayspring for a technical encore. With an Enterprise license grant from the Salesforce.org, TLC sought to increase organizational efficiency by moving from the legacy database to a cloud-based solution integrated with the website.
The project scope included:

  • Analyze years of legacy data and map to Salesforce CRM standard and custom fields
  • Customize the Salesforce CRM instance and import the data
  • Integrate website information requests and volunteer forms to feed directly into the CRM
  • Develop a strategy for importing Event registrations from a third-party service
  • Provide staff training on the new Salesforce CRM system

Instead of calendars, transactions, and contact information being stored in multiple places, Salesforce became TLC’s one-stop shop for accessing their data. Dayspring continues to provide maintenance services and website hosting for TLC and looks forward to years serving TLC.

“Dayspring met all of our expectations and more. Their team took the time to learn who our audience is and what their needs are. They listened to our own ideas and concepts, and presented a finished project that truly encompassed all that we had envisioned. The follow-through and technical support has been superb. I'm hooked on their service , and can't wait to work with them on more projects!"
Leslie Lee
Program Coordinator, Trichotillomania Learning Center

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