Salesforce for Small Budget Nonprofits

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A Guide to the Implementation Process

Salesforce is the leading CRM for nonprofits, providing functionality for fundraising, marketing, events, programs, and more. But how does Salesforce implementation work for a small budget nonprofit?

Here at Dayspring, our Salesforce consulting team loves to work with nonprofits, both big and small. From our extensive experience, we have written a helpful guide for small nonprofits as they consider moving to Salesforce.

In this guide we detail the unique challenges that small nonprofits face as they use Salesforce, but also name ways that Salesforce can make a nonprofit more efficient and effective.

Whether your nonprofit is just considering Salesforce or you’ve been using Salesforce for years, there will be something for you in this resource.

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Dayspring Presents Listen4Good

Providing Nonprofits excellent feedback loops on the services they provide to their clients. And can the custom web application guide the user through the process? We can close this feedback loop with another 5-star project for Dayspring!

Dayspring Presents Matchwell

Matchwell needed a technology partner to build their platform. This partner would assist in choosing the right technologies for each piece of the platform, build the core platform, and continue to enhance and develop it as the Matchwell platform grew and developed. Enter Dayspring—the perfect match.

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