Military & Veteran Caregiver Network

Isolation. Emotional stress. Scattered resources. The more than 5.5 million who care for wounded, ill or injured military and veterans often face all of these and more. A leading national nonprofit decided to do something about it with online peer-based support, services and mentoring. Dayspring was ready to serve.


The Military and Veteran Caregiver Peer Support Network (MVCN) is a project of the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS), a nonprofit that offers help, hope and healing to all those grieving the death of a loved one serving in America’s Armed Forces. MVCN focuses on peer-based support, mentoring and services for caregivers who care for veterans and injured service members. Since completion of the project MVCN has become part of American Red Cross.


MVCN needed a website, as well as an online community for its peer support network. They also needed Salesforce CRM to track everything. And it all had to be seamlessly integrated under a strict timeline–Michelle Obama would be attending an upcoming conference where the support network would be unveiled. How much traffic might hit the website with a timely tweet from the First Lady?


Initial Phase: Dayspring’s web development and Salesforce consulting teams joined together to design and build a WordPress website, implement Salesforce and create a custom Salesforce community. The peer support community had to be safe and secure, as people would be sharing sensitive information and receiving support for very personal issues.

We used Form Assembly to create an application process for the support community that was hosted on the website, but put the applications into Salesforce for review and verification before granting anyone access.

For the Salesforce community, Dayspring configured a custom login page and custom UI for the community. Within the community, Dayspring helped add content, set up groups and configured a system which would be able to support the various peer support programs and events MVCN planned to create.

Secondary Phase: With the website, CRM and basic community launched, it was time to focus in on building out MVCN’s programs. The first focus was on the peer mentoring program.

MVCN wanted to integrate an existing mentor-mentee matching application, built by a third-party, PushBuild, into their CRM. As no existing Salesforce integration existed,

Dayspring custom-configured an API integration between PushBuild and Salesforce, ensuring a smooth experience for mentors and mentees, while keeping Salesforce as the common system of record for all of their services.

Now MVCN was ready to implement their last two programs and launch them. Using Form Assembly, Dayspring created an application process for those seeking to become peer facilitators and peer moderators. MVCN also needed a registration system for their various program-related events, so Dayspring used Eventbrite for Salesforce and then configured their community pages to dynamically display upcoming events. To facilitate further support and training MVCN chose Slack to provide real-time chats and Zoom to provide video webinars.

The result? A unified system that allows MVCN to provide support, training, resources and mentoring all within a custom Salesforce community. Constituents funnel through MVCN’s website into this Salesforce community, where they can interact with fellow caregivers, apply to be a part of their various programs and attend webinars and support groups—all within a safe and secure environment.

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